Our vision, mission and goals


To produce future generations of Muslim role models who are God-centered, well-balanced and wholesome individuals, who lead meaningful and purpose-driven lives and make pioneering contributions to the immediate society and beyond.


  • To provide an education which nurtures holistic development, which is challenging and fun, balancing academic excellence with fulfillment of an individual’s potential in sports and other extracurricular activities.
  • Our focus is in providing educational opportunities and experiences of the highest quality that allows all people to experience success and become productive, and contributing members of our society.
  • We will seek projects that will create opportunities to release potential within individuals as well as communities.


  • To provide a rich and rewarding environment, which develops inquiring, creative minds with the spirit of curiosity necessary for the development of thought, character and identity.
  • To promote the holistic development of each child, their self-dignity and respect for others, through the development of personal responsibility.
  • To assist each individual to comprehend the complexity of the world in which they live and understand that their own well-being is closely connected to the well-being of others